Royal Charter - Staff: Have Your Say

Closed 26 Oct 2018

Opened 17 Sep 2018


Updating the Legion’s Royal Charter

As you may well already know, The Royal British Legion is defined by a Royal Charter.  First granted to the Legion in 1925 by King George V, our Royal Charter defines the objectives and the powers of the Legion as a whole and details how the organisation is to be structured, organised, managed and run.

It’s fair to say that 1925 was a long time ago, while it has undergone updates, it is due a refresh and common sense says that our Charter does not now necessarily reflect the work and purpose of the Legion in 2018 and beyond.  Legal experts have recently reviewed the Charter and have informed us that it contains inconsistencies, is often unclear and does not reflect our purpose or ambition in the modern age so have advised that we update it.

For these reasons, we are proposing to update the Charter and we would welcome the views and expertise of you, our staff, who have a better understanding than anyone of what the Legion looks like today.  Your input will help shape the proposed new version which will be put to Members and the Board of Trustees to vote on.  This is absolutely not compulsory! But if you are interested then we would love to hear your thoughts. We have also sent this survey out to Members to get as many views from across the organisation as possible.

Please note: if you are unable to access the survey online, you or your line manager can email for assistance and advice on how you can have your say.